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If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else...
Booker. T. Washington

We strongly believe in the above principal which also defines our goals with regard to our customers, associates and the industry as a whole. We continuously strive to be synonymous with excellence in service delivery, continuously innovating and sharing knowledge and best practices across the enterprise.

CorpAid is an open, dynamic organization, which offers a work environment that is truly challenging and rewarding. Teamwork, diversity, openness and innovation characterize the atmosphere at CorpAid.

We at CorpAid have a strong action bias and believe in getting things done - always beyond the client's expectations.

CorpAid has been promoted and managed by, highly qualified, experienced and dynamic professionals from the fields of Finance, Law, and Business Administration such as Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and MBA's etc.

We, at CorpAid, believe in a partnership approach and, as such, work towards building a long-term relationship with each client, who we believe is unique and has distinct needs. Our partnering approach assists us in understanding the business of each client, and thereafter, anticipates the distinct business, finance, legal and regulatory implications of the opportunities that arise within their field from time to time. It is due to this approach that we are able to effectively assist our clients in growing rapidly so as to achieve their strategic objectives as well as, help them in meeting and resolving, at an early stage, the challenges, problems and critical issues that confront their businesses from time to time. We are committed to delivering a service par excellence to all our clients, whether they are from the Small and Medium sector (SME), a big corporate or an individual.
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